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By women, for women

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About Flow

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Welcome to Flow, a women's therapeutic center and boutique in Geneva created by Alexandra Veseli and Yosra El Ayoubi, two certified medical massage therapists.

Our team of qualified therapists offer a range of therapies to improve your health and well-being through better circulation.

Our specialty is manual lymphatic drainage using the vasculo-tissular manual dynamization (DVTM) method. This  anti-inflammatory massage can alleviate many health issues, including lymphedema, obesity and venous insufficiency. It is a safe and natural way to detoxify your whole body, regulate your digestion, eliminate water retention and all types of edema, and even treat a range of skin problems like acne or rosacea. Whether you are pregnant or post-partum, in pre- or post-operative stages, recovering from cancer, suffering from water retention, looking to lose some weight or simply to relax in a feminine environment, Flow is the place for you.


We also offer other therapies such as classic massage, sports massage, reflexology, cupping therapy and nutritional therapy. 

In addition to our services, we offer a variety of high-quality products in our shopping section. This includes the TEOXANE line, the M&A Lab line, maternity items, and our signature Swiss Bio herbal teas.

Flow is conveniently located in the university hospital district of Geneva. We are registered with the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicines (ASCA) and the Register of Empirical Medicines (RME), which means that our therapies can be covered by complementary health insurance plans. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about your coverage options.

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A peaceful massage

Manual lymphatic drainage

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